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Mary Orr

Mary Orr is a dance educator and choreographer based out of Houston. Her professional career has been dedicated in and around the area since graduating from Sam Houston State University in 2012 with a B.F.A in dance with Honors. 


During her time at Sam Houston, she performed in many school performances as well as a multitude of outside venues throughout Texas. She had the opportunity to dance for Astrid Von Ussar, the artistic director of Von USSAR Danceworks of New York. Mary worked with numerous guest artists at Sam Houston State University such as Jane Wiener, the artistic director of Hope Stone Dance Company. She has had the pleasure of taking dance classes from many amazing performers and companies such as Astrid Von Ussar, Somebodies Dance Theater, The Houston MET, iME, and many others. Also, Mary was part of a non-profit dance company, Rednerrus Feil Dance Company, directed by Amy Llanes, The VAULT Dance Company and interned with Hope Stone. 


As an educator and choreographer, Mary work for Hintze Dance Center from 2012-2021 where she choreographed many award-winning dances at both regionals and nationals such as, 8-National, Hall of Fame, VIP, Crowd Pleasers Dance, Star Systems and more. She also worked for Miss Drill Team Texas as an adjudicator. She has also had the pleasure of working with many high schools in Houston, San Antonio and Austin for Technique classes, Master classes, and (both)Team and Officer choreography. She has received many choreography awards since 2012 including Most Entertaining, Choreography award, Highest scoring routine and Judges Choice. 


Lastly, Mary loves getting the chance to work with new teams and dancers. She enjoys pushing dancers outside their comfort zones and encouraging them to trust their technical foundation while discovering a new movement.

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