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Megan Friedman

     Mrs. Megan has been dancing since age 3, and has been teaching at dance studios in the greater Houston area for over 8 years. She danced competitively throughout high school, receiving many high point awards and scholarships at both the regional and national level for both group and solo performances. She was also a member of the Klein Oak Dance Company from 2008-2009. Upon graduating high school, Megan continued to teach and share her passion for dance while she completed her Associate of Arts degree from Lone Star College. She has continued her dance education by training at The Dance Teacher Summit in NYC nearly every summer since 2010. 

    In her career, Megan’s choreography has received many high point awards, including multiple 1st Over-All awards at the regional and national level. She is highly involved with The PAC Dance Company as well as over-sees the Baby Ballerina and combo-class program. She specializes in early childhood dance education but loves to work with dancers of all ages.

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